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Museums in Bulgaria

Diversify your trip to Bulgaria with a tour around Bulgaria’s museums! Devoting an hour to a museum exposition will greatly extend your knowledge about the history, traditions and biodiversity of Bulgaria. A museum visit can be an exciting experience not only for specialists in history and science but for everyone who is curious to throw a glimpse at the cultural heritage and the nature of our country. You won’t regret your visit as the museums in Bulgaria have a lot to show – from rich collections of flora and fauna exponents to unique pieces of craft and ancient treasures. If you are eager to visit an exposition, you can find a museum in every district town in Bulgaria - Bourgas, Pleven, Assenovgrad, Lovetch, Stara Zagora, Kardjali, Kazanluk, Sliven, Troyan, Rousse, Bansko. The greatest number of museums in Bulgaria with the richest collections are concentrated in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv.

Sofia museums

There are several museums in Sofia you shouldn’t miss if you plan a cultural trip around the capital. The National Historical Museum currently owns over 650,000 objects connected to history, ethnography, fine arts and archaeology. About 10% of them are on exhibit. In the Bulgarian Natural History Museum you can see an amazingly rich collection of minerals, plants and animals. It is the biggest museum of that kind on the Balkan Peninsula, owning over 1000 000 exponents. The expositions in the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia reveal the material and spiritual culture of the people who inhabited the lands of Bulgaria from ancient times up to 18th c. Other must-see museums in Sofia are the Museum of Earth and Men exhibiting natural minerals and man-made ceramics, the Ethnographic Museum, the National Museum of Military History and the National Polytechnical Museum.

Museums in Varna, Plovdiv and Bourgas

When you travel to Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, pay a visit to the following museums: The Aquarium and the Black Sea museum, one of the best museums in Varna, exhibits hundreds of molluscs, crabs, fish species, sharks, sea mammals and birds. The Ethnographical Museum reveals the way of life of the city’s population during the 19th and the beginning of 20th c. The exposition consists of various tools, national costumes and adornments. The Golden treasure of Varna which is 6000 years old and consists of about 3000 golden objects, can be seen in the Varna Archaeological Museum. The exposition in the Museum of Bulgarian Revival represents the social life of people during this period. The city of Bourgas boasts several museums, the best of which is the Museum of Nature and Science. There you will see an extensive collection of minerals, fossils and exponents from the flora of the Black Sea coast and the Strandja mountain. Visiting all the museums in Plovdiv can take a lot of time. The most interesting expositions can be seen in the Ethnographic and the Archeological museums. The Ethnographic museum in Plovdiv is situated in a splendid house built in the Revival style. Its exposition reveals the culture and traditions of the Bulgarian people during that period. The Archeological Museum in Plovdiv exhibits the world-famous Golden Treasure of Panagjurishte consisting of 9 richly decorated ritual utensils, made of pure gold.